The Economics of Bicycling

The Economics of Bicycling

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Bike-BizThere is a plethora of data out there that supports something we, as cyclists, have known all along…there is a HUGE economic upside to cities and businesses who add more cycling-friendly infrastructure. It’s like they said in Field of Dreams: “Build it and they will come.”

Here is a relatively short article¬†“How Bicycles Bring Business” by the folks at Momentum Mag about some of the studies that have born this out.

From converting car parking to bicycle parking to Team Better Block creating temporary overnight infrastructure…from reviving a worn-down part of town (Memphis) to Chicago’s use of cycling amenities to recruit young, professional talent to the windy city…all across the country business owners are finally grasping the economic advantages of a bike friendly world.

There’s no reason why we can’t experience the same things here in Arvada!¬†Stay tuned for some exciting development on this front…!

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